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Under Cabinet Lighting Is Now Dimmable, Brighter and More Efficient, Thanks to Elemental LED’s New Dimmable LED Puck Light

  Posted:2010-09-14 11:00:46  Click:6089 [Back]
Elemental LED, a San Francisco based LED lighting company now offers dimmable LED puck lights. Puck lights are the perfect solution for task, counter, or under-cabinet lighting—they stylishly and efficiently offer directional lighting just where you need it and none where you don’t. Until recently however, LED puck lights were not available with full dimming capabilities; “We created this product because most LEDs exhibit flickering or squealing when dimmed, and they only dim down to about 40 percent,” says Elemental LED CEO, Max Darling. But thanks to a new design that incorporates a constant current driver chip by US-based STMicroelectronics, Elemental LED’s new puck lights dim smoothly from 0—100 percent using pulse width modulation (PWM).
Key Features of the Elemental LED Dimmable Puck Light:
· Developed in the US at Elemental Engineering Labs.
· Dimming capabilities are 100—0 percent, while most dimmable LED drivers only dim down to 40 percent.
· Smooth, quiet dimming, with virtually none of the flickering and squealing exhibited by traditional drivers.
· Stays cool (slightly above room temperature even when left on for long periods).
· Uses 10 percent of the energy of traditional incandescent or halogen puck lights.
· 200 lumens of brightness.
· Not made with toxic materials.
· Easily connects to one of Elemental LED’s 12V drivers to convert from AC to DC power.
· Available in “warm white” (2800-3500k) or “neutral white,” (5500-6000k).
· Sleek aluminum housing, and chic minimal design.
What Makes Dimmable LED Puck Lights So Special?

Along with the smooth dimming feature, Elemental LED’s puck lights offer superior energy savings and brightness. They emit 200 lumens of light, making them 15 percent brighter than a standard LED puck light. At the same time, they use only 3.6 watts of electricity, a fact that gives them the highest light-to-energy-consumed ratio of any Elemental LED product. Put in practical terms, it would only cost you $9 to leave an Elemental LED puck light on for an entire year. What’s more, these lights will last for over 50,000 hours, making it unlikely that you would have to replace them during your lifetime.
The Cree Difference:

One of the main reasons Elemental LED’s dimmable pucks offer such huge functional and environmental benefits is that they’re equipped with Cree LED chips. Cree is leading the solid state lighting industry in cutting edge LED technology and is currently manufacturing some of the brightest, most energy efficient and highest quality LEDs on the market. According to Durham, NC based-Cree, “
Cree LEDs combine highly efficient InGaN (Indium gallium nitride) materials with proprietary G•SIC® substrates to deliver superior price/performance for high-intensity LEDs.”
Dimmable LED puck lights are now available from Elemental LED. In addition, Elemental LED’s original puck light is now on clearance, discounted $15 off the original price, while supplies last.

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