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Product Name:
YW6003-100W LED tunnel light
Release Date:
2013-01-06 11:06:58

Applications: tunnel, Factory, gym, dock, billboard, building, landscape, city lighting projects.

Safety Notice for Using:
◆Please always use the light out of its package.
◆Before starting use of the light, please check if the light was damaged during transportation. If any damage has occurred, please DO NOT install or use it.
◆Any maintenance should be performed by trained professionals only.
◆Keep packaging materials away from the reach of children.
Caution. The packaging contains small parts that may be swallowed by children.
◆Never leave children unattended in the vicinity of the lights and do not allow them to play with electrical devices.
◆Try to avoid looking directly in the LED beam-especially for extended periods of time. DO NOT shine the LED light in another person’s eyes.
◆Never cover the light by other objects.
◆Prior to cleaning the light, make sure it has been disconnected from the power supply.
◆Use a dry or slightly moistened cloth for cleaning.
◆Never use any chemicals or abrasives for cleaning.
Used electronic devices must be collected for recycling and can not be deposited together with general rubbish.
◆This product should be installed by trained electricians.
◆Check integrality of the products when unpacking.
◆When laying the cables, make sure that the cables and plugs are not subjected to any tensile or twisting forces. Fit the cable tension relieving mechanisms to the connection points of the surface-mounted lights. DO NOT kink cables. Output cables should be laid separately and at a distance from other cables.
◆Proceed by connecting the wiring cables to the luminaries. Usually, the brown(or black) wire is the live wire, connect it with the terminal marked “L”. The blue wire is the Neutral wire, connect it with the terminal marked “N”.
◆Used only the LED driver included, and do not connect the surface-mounted lights to other loads.
◆DO NOT remove the name plate of the power supply or driver of the light.
 Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and maintain the products. We have the right not to provide after-sale service if unauthorized disassembly and maintenance happens to the products.


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